Sunday, October 12, 2008

CCD Again

One of the reasons I really enjoyed the summer was because I didn't have to worry about CCD. I love working with the kids, but I hate coming up with lesson plans. I always feel like I'm failing them and I'm not doing a good job at this.


Scott M. Frey said...

hey :-) thanks for still liking me :-) I am glad some of us in this country can dialogue, differ and still respect and hug one another at the end of the day!

What grade CCD are you teaching this year? I have 8th graders again. Yes, on purpose! I love that age actually. And I feel your pain on the lesson planning. I love the teaching and sometimes dread the planning.

Just remember, we're teaching young kids about our faith. They are almost never going to want to be there. Embrace that, make it as fun and personal as possible for them and you'll be fine. I always try to leave my kids with something they can take away and use for themselves. I tell them that. Of course, with 8th graders, you can do that. Most of them could still probably care less lol But, I try and I love it!

peace to you and yours!

Dawn said...

I hear you on the husband and I are team teaching 6th grade..I have on young man in my class who is turning out to be my teacher. He is a sponge for knowledge and constantly asks questions that (wonderfully) are opportunities for me and my husband to research and learn. I'm a relaxed, non-structured teacher, he's got an agenda..homework sheets, planner etc. So we balance each other out. Keep up the great work! Just volunteering to do this most important job is bringing graces on you and the children you are teaching!

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