Saturday, September 20, 2008



I was taking pictures around my church again this evening after mass. I was mostly focusing on the stained glass windows. I always look at the one obviously behind the altar, and the ones in the middle along the side of the church because thats usually about where we sit. But since I was taking pictures I went and looked at the ones along the side in the back. On one side was an image of the Lamb of God. On the other was the pelican. It was only a few months ago that I learned that the pelican is another symbol for Jesus. I had never read that before, but earlier this summer I took pictures of some pelicans at the zoo and when I came home and did some reading about them I was surprised to learn of its symbolism.

Legend has it that, in times of famine, a mother pelican will pluck her own breast and feed her young with her blood, resulting in her death. The pelican is thus an apt symbol for the crucifixion of Christ, which he suffered willingly for the sake of the church.


Micki at Holy Cards for Your Inspiration shared this holy card earlier this year.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I didn't know the importance of the pelican, either. Thanks for enlightening me.

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