Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catholic Vote

Catholic Vote


Anonymous said...

Nice YouTube presentation. I don't go there much. It's a consumer of time for me--but EVERYTHING is on Y/T SOMEWHERE.

Loads of GRTEAT photos on your blog pages, I'll try to spend more time there tomorrow. I'm really caught up in my Alcoholism recovery blog, sober 34 years, and I feel I'm committed there, Ha! I'm new to blogging, 3 months, so I wonder how you keep up with more than 100 blogs? No need to answer, just seems mind-boggling to me. (Was that 'Mind-Blogling'??)

But hey, God is in charge. We each have to do our part, and what is, IS, what was, WAS, and what ain't...AIN'T!
Steve E. fiddlemn@comcast .net

catholicandgop said...

Bloglines. I have all the blogs I look at on there and it keeps me updated with the posts. I'm not saying I read each and every post, but I usually have enough time to skim and see if there's anything I find interesting. And some blogs I look at more closely.

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