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Jury Finds Man Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of Kenosha Deputy
Kenosha County Sheriff's Deputy Killed Last May
UPDATED: 2:19 pm CST March 8, 2008

RACINE, Wis. -- A jury found a Kenosha man guilty Friday of killing a sheriff's deputy, rejecting his lawyer's argument that the defendant was too drunk to form the intent to commit murder.

Ezequiel Lopez-Quintero, 45, was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting of Kenosha County Deputy Frank Fabiano Jr., 48.

The jury deliberated a little less than three hours before reaching the guilty verdict at the end of a week-long trial. It was moved to Racine from Kenosha because of pretrial publicity.

Lopez-Quintero shot Fabiano in the head after the deputy pulled over his van the night of May 16. He told an investigator that he drank tequila and used cocaine that night because he was upset about an affair he thought his wife was having.

According to testimony, Lopez-Quintero fled on foot and was arrested several hours later in a parking lot about four miles away.

Amy Fabiano, the deputy's widow, burst into tears when the verdict was read.

She said later, as she clutched a photo of her dead husband, that justice was served and it will provide some closure for her and the couple's 8-year-old daughter.


I'm glad they convicted this guy, and quickly. His defense was that he was "too damn drunk" to intentionally kill Fabiano. I really appreciated the words of the prosecutor, "“What the defense presented in their ‘so damn drunk defense’ is so damn wrong...The evidence screams, yells, ‘Guilty!’ There can be no other verdict.”"

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