Saturday, February 09, 2008

CCD Troubles Again

I've been sitting here for hours trying to come up with my lesson plan for CCD tomorrow. I still have nothing. I always have such a hard time doing this. I worry that I won't actually teach them anything or I'll teach them something wrong, that I sit here for hours with nothing.


Scott M. Frey said...

I teach 8th graders... It's my first yr doing so, actually, my first yr as a Catholic... I know how you feel. It is tough to capture their attention, and get something relevant across... Maybe something on Lent? One of the readings from Mass... a saint? and apostle?? a fave teaching from the 4 Gospels??

What grade?? good luck, cant wait to hear what you come up with!

catholicandgop said...

I do K & 1st.

I came up with a presentation on the temptation of Jesus. I thought it would work because it is the reading and also works well with lent. I never really got through it though, I had them finish a project from last week which took the whole time since it was a short class because we went and said the rosary in the church.

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