Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why I Love Phatmass

I've spent the last 5 minutes laughing about this post on Phatmass. Its a thread about the length of time people take in the confessional. This story from Nathan has had me rolling.

I got "told" once by a fellow parishioner for taking too long in the confessional with a line-up behind me. When I exited this guy was like "Hey you!" and tapped his finger on his watch, clearly infuriated. (He must've had some urgent transgressions to unload!)

Then I was like, "WHAT! You got a problem with me confessin' my sins, homes? I takes howeva long I wanna takes, sucka!" Actually, no, I didn't say anything.

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EC Gefroh said...

Thanks for sharing that! We had the same experience when we tried going to confession before Mass. There were only 2 persons in front of us but they took about 10 to 15 minutes each. What could we do? We had to wait it out.

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