Sunday, November 25, 2007


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I learned something a long time ago: I have no control, nor do I want to, over somebody else's mind.

I can't make anybody else do anything.

You know, we get upset sometimes...oh, I don't know why my grandson or my daughter or my nephew or my husband or my wife or my friend or my coworker...they just don't get it...they live like pagans and...hey--if God leaves them free, we've got to leave them free too. God does not put out contracts with hit men to coerce people into loving Him. Doesn't work that way. Leave 'em alone.

You know what I do? I'll tell you what I do. People think, "Oh you must have converted a lot of people, Father." Nope. Never. In 15 years of constant preaching...over a million miles in airplanes...49 states...over 100 dioceses...never converted anybody.

I don't have the POWER to change a heart. Or a mind.

GOD has the power to change a heart. Or a mind. I just show up for work and open my mouth and then He does the rest!

And you have to come to that understanding! You're not going to convert your children! You're NOT! And you're not going to convert your wife or your husband! You CAN'T!

But God can.

What do you have to do? Show up for work.

And what does that mean?

Be patient. And kind. And loving. And be steadfast in the truth. Love your faith. Learn your faith. Live your faith. That's showing up for work.

- Fr. John Corapi

You have to love the quote from one of my all time favorite people, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, posted in response.

Very recently, a young priest told me in conversation: 'I have already made 72 converts in 6 years of my priesthood.' I said: 'I would advise you to stop counting them, otherwise you might think you made them and not God.'

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