Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tons of Pictures from My Weekend

I took a ton of pictures last weekend. There is one of them that I actually want to show Ma Beck to see if she knows what building it is, but I don't have the picture with me, I'll have to grab it tonight when I get home.

Captain at the Helm - Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Captain at the Helm

Captain at the Helm

Marytown - Libertyville, IL

Preaching to All Creation

Our Lady of Fatima
(I totally love this picture)

Maximilian Kolbe


St. Mary of the Lake Seminary - Mundelein, IL

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary

St. George

Hawthorne Hollows - Kenosha, WI


Butterfly at Hawthorne Hollows

Pike Creek

Hawthorne Hollows Road

Petrified Spring - Kenosha, WI

Nature Walk

Small Path

"Face" in Tree

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