Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thome & The Fan

Not only is Jim Thome a classy guy, but so is the man who caught his 500th homer ball.

Instead of trying to sell the ball on ebay for a quick payoff, Will Stewart gave it back to Thome, who plans on bringing it to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"I feel it is a part of Chicago baseball history," said Stewart, right after handing the ball back to the White Sox slugger during a postgame press conference.

In exchange for the ball the White Sox are giving Stewart a bunch of goodies. Given to Stewart were a pair of season tickets for next year, but being from Texas he couldn't use them, so he gave them back to Thome to donate to one of the charities he works with.

"As I'm from Austin, Texas, and not from the great city of Chicago and not able to use the season tickets, I've asked to donate the season tickets to your charity for use," Stewart said. "That's the best thing I can think of to give back to the city of Chicago."

The Sox are going to fly Stewart and some of his friends up next year for one of the Cubs-Sox games which they will watch from Thome's box.

When we get so many negative views of sports figures and even people at the game, its a welcome sight to see people acting so wonderfully.


John said...

That's good to hear. Gives the ball player and the fans a good name.

Seems too many people these days are out looking for the instant lottery ticket.

Maybe Thome having a rep as a good guy helped the fan make up his mind.

I always tell myself that's what I'd do. I hope if I'm ever confronted with the situation I stay true to what I believe.

Cathy said...

Thome is a class act.
I have liked him since he was with the Indians.
(Did you read that he scratched his late mother's name in the dirt by the batter's box before the game?)

Scott M. Frey said...

great story~! its nice to read something positive in the news about sports, about anything really...

Anonymous said...

You a sports fan? :)
I'll stick to politics. I know it shouldn't be viewed as a game but... hehe

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