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Michelle Scarpitta - We Remember

Michelle Scarpitta

Age: 26

Michelle Scarpitta had an uncanny knack for finding her friends the perfect gift, often something they had mentioned months earlier and forgotten about. She knew just what small gestures would make them happy.

Raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Michelle was extraordinarily close to her family and loved to spend time with them on Long Island. She was the eldest child and only daughter. She considered her younger brother, Steven, to be her best friend. Michelle loved her family and her friends dearly and made all of her relationships special.

Michelle, 26, joined Euro Brokers in 1999 and worked as a compliance administrator. She took great pride in her work and impressed her colleagues with her responsibility, dedication and quiet friendliness.

Michelle was a strong and independent woman who loved being with people. She was trustworthy and generous; the kind of person who would happily volunteer to go to a Christmas party with a friend who didn’t have a date so the friend would not have to go alone. She was always there when needed and always ready to listen. Michelle loved Christmas and she took unabashed, childlike delight in shopping for gifts and receiving them.

Michelle also loved to travel. Just one month prior to this tragic event, she was so excited to have completed her first trip to Europe.

Her mother claims that her children are her life and the loss of Michelle has left a large hole in her heart. She tenderly states, “We are all blessed to have had her for a short time. Mich, until we meet again, I love you.”

Her mother, Julie, and her brother, Steven, survive Michelle.



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01/09/2003 12:01:23 PM
I lived up stairs from Michele for almost a year, maybe longer. I remember when she moved in, and how excited she was to have her own place. She was a beautiful girl, who always had a smile on her face, always took the time to say hello, and always said hello to my 8 year old who would call her from the balcony in front of our home. When she would come home from work my son and I sometimes would be sitting on there and he would always yell down "Hello Michele" with this big smile on his face. She would always tell me if I ever needed a babysitter, just ring her bell. She will be truely missed, but never forgotten!!!! We will always have you in our hearts Michele!


Contributed by: Julie Scarpitta
Contributor's location on 9/11: Brooklyn, New York
Contributed on: 14 September 2004

How did you witness history on September 11th?

I was at home, watching t.v. when my mother called & said, Did you see what happened, what building does Michelle work in? I responded, Tower#2, but she's always late for work, so I'll try her cell phone & see if I could reach her, to tell her to turn back. Well, as I watching, the second plane hits her tower & I just lost it after that. As you can tell, my daughter, Michelle Scarpitta, made it to work & earlier than usual, but she never returned, she was murdered by the hijackers & my heart has been broken in so many pieces, that sometimes I don't want to go on. I also have a son, who because of what happened, became a FDNY firefighter, so maybe he could help someone, if it happens again, for which I am very proud, but very frightened for him. He keeps telling me that he's trained, but, you can never be that trained for something like that, so I pray each & every day for him.

Has your life changed because of September 11, 2001?

My life has drastically changed & for the worse. My daughter, Michelle, was on the 84th. floor of tower#2 & she never returned, so sometimes my life doesn't feel much like it has any meaning, but I have to be strong for my son.

What do you think should be remembered about September 11th?

All the innocent people that were killed & how this nation came together to help, it was amazing.

Did you fly an American flag after the events of September 11th?

YES, and my feelings have changed since then. I never used to fly the flag, but now I do all the time, as a direct result of 9/11.


I am deeply sadend by the loss of my friend, Michelle. I send my best wishes and thoughts out to her family. You will be in my prayers. Michelle was a very kind,warm and sincere person, and that made her a good friend. We love her and will miss her greatly. We love you!
Adam Yasso, friend


Quilt for Michelle

(Copy from 9/11/06)

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