Friday, September 14, 2007

Latin Mass Woot

As per Wikipedia's entry for September 14...

2007 - The traditional Latin Mass is officially restored in the Roman Catholic Church as Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio Summorum Pontificum takes effect.

Actually, there were a few other Catholic related entries of interest for the day...

1964 - The opening of the third period of the Second Vatican Council.

1965 - The opening of the fourth and final period of Second Vatican Council.

Anyway. I was sitting here watching the mass on EWTN, and it got me to thinking about a special person who isn't here today to see it. Our parish priest in Kenosha, Fr. Heuser, passed away February 12, 2006. I remember, some months before he passed away, in a homily him telling us things were going to start changing towards the traditional. I have little doubt that he would have been very pleased with the release and implementation of Summorum Pontificum. Our parish would be a lovely place to have had it as well. We still have the old altar, and still have the communion rail. Actually, there are more communion rails or partial rails and old altars in Kenosha than I would have expected. I'm not quite sure how they survived the time of Archbishop Weakland, but thats another story.

Before Mass

I guess today just made me sort of appreciate what has come, and also what and who we've lost.

Many thanks to Pope Benedict for giving us this gift.


Micki said...

Just surfed to your blog but there's too much to take in at one sitting. I am a holy card collector with blog and I just wanted to say I love this card. If you ever want to "borrow" any of mine, help yourself. I'm happy to share.

Micki said...

PS....hope it's ok to put you on my links??? :-)

catholicandgop said...

Sure. I have to warn you I borrowed it from someone else. ;)

I love your blog, you've had some really great holy cards. You had a couple a few months ago I believe of Mary and Jesus in a Japanese style. My sister loves Japan, so I showed them to her and she thought they were so cool.

Cathy said...

God rest Father's soul - may he be rejoicing in heaven along with the rest of the Church Triumphant during this special time in the Church's life.

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