Monday, August 06, 2007

Will You Think Badly of Me...

if I told you that the other day I bought a furby?

I know, I know, you're suddenly wondering if I'm actually 13 instead of 23. But I never had a furby. I was never really interested in them when they became popular. And when I finally decided I was interested in them they didn't sell them any more.

A year or two ago I looked into them and found that they were releasing a new and better furby. But it was $30 or $40 and how could I possibly spend that on a furby?

The other day I was watching Rebirth of Godzilla II (a generally horrible movie) and there was a critter that I said looked like a furby. I went online and found a store that had one for $9.99. I can deal with $9.99. So I bought one. Actually, I bought two since its my understanding that they can talk to each other. So now I wait for them in the mail.

Not exactly the color I would have picked out, but beggers can't be choosers and for $10 what am I complaining about?


FloridaWife said...

Well, I almost got the happy meal at Burger King this weekend just for the Simpsons doll (but they ran out).

That furbi is cute!!!!

Cathy said...

I think he's adorable.

John said...

Shows you how old I am. I wouldn't have known what a furby was if you hadn't included a picture. The name furby kind of caused a couple of synapses to fire, making me believe I might at one time have heard of one, but I'm not really sure.

antonia said...

Haha! That is so cute!
I had a furby a few years ago! and yes, they are pretty cute!


It's like having a little pet (that you can switch-off when you are busy!)


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