Monday, July 30, 2007


Well I'm back from my mini-vacation.

First up on Friday was a trip to Milwaukee's Discovery World. Several months ago we saw an article in the paper about how awesome it was, and how they had a really nice aquarium. So we were pretty excited about it. Unfortunately it wasn't quite what we had expected. It was small, unfinished, and geared towards rather young children. The aquarium part of it wasn't bad, I think part of it was that we have been spoiled by the Shedd Aquarium. We did have the opportunity to pet some fish in a small pool, so that was fun.

Right next to Discovery World was the Milwaukee Art Museum, so we decided to go there next. It's funny that we went there since I've never been the art museum in Chicago. I enjoyed it a lot. They had a lot of nice exhibits and lots of interesting stuff to see.

The big thing we did on Saturday was a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. We had only planned to walk around for a couple of hours, but we ended up spending about 5 hours there. It was a lot of fun. After Discovery World the day before I was a little worried that we would have been spoiled by the Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo, but the Milwaukee Zoo was pretty nice. For an extra $2 we were able to touch a shark and a stingray.

After the zoo, we stopped off at Miller Brewing and took their free tour.

Yesterday we ended up not doing a whole bunch. We drove out to Lake Geneva and did some shopping. And then today we did a little shopping, stopped off at the Jelly Belly warehouse and came back home.

It was a fun trip, but its nice to be back home too.

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