Friday, April 20, 2007

The Pope Controls the SCOTUS

I don't know about everyone else, but I sort of find this entertaining... well first I roll my eyes, then I get annoyed, then I laugh.

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H/T American Papist


Scott M. Frey said...

they write these things as if it were a bad thing to have some practicing Catholics on the Supreme Court or something... I for one, an grateful!

(found you on Lounge Daddy's Blog)

I am a sober alkie, newly baptized/confirmed Catholic, fairly conservative, not Repulican. (in case you wondered, lol)

Cathy said...

Hey, four of them are missing their mitres.

(Daydreaming - one day, God willing.)

Anonymous said...

Well, at my age I can't believe it would ever happen. So I'm lmao.

catholicandgop said...

Welcome Scott :)

James Bogdan said...

hopefully they might show some of the others how adults are supposed to act and not make stupid child-like comments like the politician who somehow said It was Bush's fault that the Virginia Tech massacre occurred----seriously sometimes you have to think, where'd all the grown-ups go?

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