Monday, March 12, 2007

Hannity the Liberal

Hannity the Liberal by Fr. Euteneuer.


Anonymous said...

tag. you're it

see my Tuesday post to see, CatholicGOP

Anonymous said...

I did catch this Priest's appearance on the tv show when he confronted Hannity.

It had me shaking my head.

While the Priest is right about Hannity, along with most every other Catholic in the US, being "ok" with birth control...
I think this Priest's efforts and time would be best spent on other "crusades."

At a time when we have public figures claiming to be Catholic and pro-Abortion and very publicly receiving communion #1 - as an act of defiance and #2 - reducing the Blessed Sacrament to a publicity stunt... I think the Priest is being petty going after Hannity because he said that he didn't have a problem with handing out condoms along with teaching abstinence in Africa to fight AIDS.

I disagree with Hannity as well. But definitely with the Priest for spending so much time and energy on some thing so comparatively small.

Anonymous said...

I don't find it petty at all. Goodness gracious when was it last you heard a priest take such a public stand? Hey, if you don't want this priest in your church I'll be more than happy to have in mine.


Anonymous said...

Despite the feelings I expressed...
I guess I cannot argue with three points:

#1 - The Priest is right.

#2 - Hannity is wrong.

#3 - We definitely need more Priests to preach Moral Truth with boldness and zeal like this Priest is.

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