Monday, February 05, 2007

Da Bears and Chilly Chilly 2

Bears lost, oh well. I know the media and everyone is going to blame it all on Rex Grossman. You know, I'm not a big football person, I only have a general understanding of the game, but I did watch the whole thing and it seemed to me that the Colts just played all around a better game. The Bears defense couldn't do anything with Manning last night. I just don't think one guy can lose the Super Bowl, and certainly not when they were down by 12 points.


By the way its still super cold. Here's some pictures I took yesterday of the lake. I never got to take any pictures of the harbor because it was too cold to jump out of the car and walk down there to show it. If you can't tell the water that isn't frozen is steaming, which I'm sure there's a reason for, I'm just not smart enough to come up with it. It was making weird looking patterns on the horizon, it almost looked like a city or a ship out there, when really it was just that steam rising and blowing around. This is our third winter in Kenosha, and this is the coldest we've had. From what I've read this is the coldest in 10 years.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

You know why Da Bears lost? Because Peyton Manning is a quarterbacking god! Grossman has years to improve, though, and I bet he'll be an excellent QB once he evens out his performance over a season. (Hubby said he has the record for most weeks with very high QB ratings and, at the same time, the record for the most very low QB ratings - all in this season!)

Sorry your Bears lost, though. Nice bunch, for the most part, and Lovey Smith is nothing but a class act.

Anonymous said...

Ya, you people sure got hit with a double whammy for sure
da bears lost – and then 30-below temps...

I would just blame both on global warming or that filthy President Bush if I was you – lol

Take care :)

catholicandgop said...


Now I'm just waiting for baseball.

The only thing left with the bears is that I have to change my ringtone. ;)

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