Monday, January 22, 2007

Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

We Won’t Go Away


I was originally hoping to go to the March in Washington today, but it just didn't work out. Money issues (or the lack there of) hindered me from getting there this year, but I hope to go next year. Then I was hoping to make it to the March in Chicago yesterday, it started off at Holy Name then went to Water Tower Place. But again, things didn't work out, and I couldn't make it to that either. Finally, I was able to attend the March in Kenosha. Obviously, the size of this was no where near either of the two other Marches, but I did what I could do.

Last night during the game I worked on my poster. I'm really not the poster sort of person. Where we go in Chicago we don't use posters, we only pray. But in Kenosha they are poster people, in the past the other members of the group have loaned us their posters, but we wanted to make our own finally. So Mom and I each made one. This first one is hers, the second one mine.

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Then this morning we met with the group and prayed. I guess it doesn't look like a lot of people were there, but I take into account that it is a weekday, and it was also pretty cold. It was nice a couple of the priests came from one of the parishes (the one priest blessed everyone, but I missed out because I was across the street laugh.gif), and it sounded like there was a guy there from another Christian denomination (or none at all).

As always I don't know if we had any effect, but we were witnesses to what goes inside Planned Parenthood and maybe us having been there changed the way someone thinks about abortion, or will have an effect on them in the future. I remember a story Fr. Euteneur told when we saw him last July. Actually, its a good thing I blogged it or I wouldn't remember it all.

I think this is the best story he told and I think this is something perhaps all pro-lifers can take to heart, I will retell this as best as I can, normally I wouldn't try but I found this so touching. He said he and a group of people were paying outside an abortion clinic (I think he said this was in Florida when he had a parish) and nothing had been going right that day. They weren't having much luck in what they were doing, and were growing discouraged.

As they were out there some 7 and 8 year old children walked past them. He decided that he was going to tell them, in age appropriate language, what was going on inside the abortion clinic. As he explained to them the kids became angry and concerned and asked why nobody was stopping what was happening. He explained to them that while what was happening was wrong, in the law it was legal and so no one could stop it. They continued to explain how they tried to talk to the women going inside and how they told women that if they could not care of the baby that they would take the child to raise.

Flash forward a couple weeks later. One of the little girls who had heard Fr. Euteneuer talk about this was at home when her 15 or 16 year old sister came home pregnant. Her mother told the sister that she was going to have an abortion. The little girl stood up and told her mother and sister 'no, you're not going to have an abortion! I will raise the baby' - in the same way that Fr. Euteneuer had shown the children a few weeks before. Through this young girls steadfastness and love the sister did not have an abortion. 8 months later this young pro-lifer brought her new baby nephew to see Fr. Euteneuer.

What a wonderful thing. You never think that the little things you do can have such an effect. Fr. Euteneuer and the others in front of the clinic could have ignored the 7 and 8 year olds, but instead by showing them in a way they could understand the horror of abortion a life was saved.

Maybe after seeing everyone there today someone will have a second thought about abortion. Only God knows.

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EC Gefroh said...

Great photos!! I really admire those people who go out in the cold and bitter weather to stand up for life.

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