Saturday, January 20, 2007 and Fulton Sheen

I went to today to buy a book. I'm always buying books and never reading them. But I read about a book written by Fulton Sheen about the priesthood. The reviews all said that you can't leave seminary without reading it. Well, I'm not in seminary (obviously) but the reviews said it was also really good for lay people, so I decided to pick it up. But amazon always gets me on the free shipping, so I decided to pick up another book so I could get the free shipping and 'save money'. On the page of the book I was picking up it recommended getting another book by Fulton Sheen. I read the first page of the book, read the reviews, decided it looked good then decided to pick it up.

I was happy, now I could the free shipping. I went to check out when I realized that I did not qualify for free shipping, indeed now I was $.60 short of the free shipping. So I went to find another book to get. I reviewed my wish list, did some searches on my interests, asked around the house to see if anyone else wanted to buy something. Nothing. So I ended up getting another Fulton Sheen book. The reviews sounded good, so I figured I'd make it a Fulton Sheen trio and give it a shot.

So sometime soon, coming by way of free shipping will be my three Fulton Sheen books; The Priest is Not His Own, Life of Christ, and Way to Happiness: An Inspiring Guide to Peace, Hope and Contentment.


Gildas said...

Great books. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I am not the only one always buying books and never reading them.
This is comforting :)

I totally dig Fulton Sheen.
I’m about to tackle his book “Life of Christ”
Just started it.
25 pages down… 450+ pages to go. And you know we can’t just breeze through his writing – it has to be slowly digested. So I’ll be happily enjoying this book for a year. :)

Keep us updated on your reading. I haven’t read any of those three books myself so I’m looking forward to your comments on ‘em.

catholicandgop said...

Will do, but don't expect too much, I think college rotted my brain. ;)

EC Gefroh said...

Can't pass up a good deal can you? LOL. That is something I would do.

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