Friday, December 15, 2006

Drudge Report

I found this story about the drudgereport on the drudgereport page.

The Mendacity Of the Liberal Press

I used to not like Drudge then, I just got into the habit of using it because it was so quick with the news so often, but I have noticed often that his headlines are misleading, and a quick glance will often give you the wrong impression unless you do go and read the whole article.

This paragraph stood out to me though...

I was certain Pope Benedict XVI had given in to Muslim pressure. Why? Because the New York Times reported this in a headline: "In Reversal, Pope Backs Turkey's Bid to Join European Union." Of course it was posted on the Drudge Report. Was it true? Not according to Richard Neuhaus, the editor and founder of First Things, a distinguished religious publication. On December 1, he wrote, "Even by today's standards, this is a breathtaking instance of journalistic shoddiness, if not downright dishonesty."

Indeed. That is what I was hearing over and over again how Benedict was now supporting Turkey's entrance into the EU. After hearing it, I even commented to Mom, "Looks like Benedict's giving away the farm". Then I later read more about it and that wasn't the case at all. With reporting like this its no wonder half the internet thinks that the Pope converted to Islam in the Blue Mosque.

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Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed Matt Drudge’s daily efforts
Contrary to the liberal detectors, DrudgeReport is NOT a conservative new site.

For the most part - he simply links to the news being reported across the field, live, an linked at any given time.
Also, a point highlighted in an article will at times reflect the news organization responsible for the article rather than Matt Drudge.

The big mistake to make is to believe that DrudgeReport is some conservative news survice all it’s own.
What make me laugh as a conservative is this:

It kills me how many liberals get pissed off at Drudge for what he is doing… which is pretty much simply putting simple news facts out there to the public.
Making facts available pisses of liberals? That’s good enough for me.

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