Friday, August 18, 2006

Quotes from the Culture of Death

I bought this Pro-Life Library on CD from HLI. It just came in the mail this morning and I've just had a chance to look at it. There is tons of information on it, so much that I'm sure I'll never have a chance to look at a lot of it. It includes the Catechism, 293 papal encyclicals (all of them with the exception of Benedict's) all the Vatican II documents, the Summa Theologica, Theology of the Body, tons of articles and books on NFP, a course of debating abortion, etc.

One of the things I was looking at this evening really quick was the quotes they have from pro-abortionists. They have quite an extensive list. Just the few I have been looking at just makes me sick. It turns my stomach to think that there are people out there who not only say this stuff, but believe it and work for it. In the few moments I've had to look into these I've found horrifying quotes. Just look at these.

"The NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit] is used right along with liver transplants as examples of how resources are squandered in our society."

Johnny Cox, an `ethicist' at the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. Quoted in The [Spokane] Spokesman-Review and the Spokane Chronicle, August 15, 1987. Also described in Anti-Life Report. "Born as a Non-Person?" ALL About Issues, November-December 1987, page 12.

This is truly disturbing, at especially to me, because I spent a brief time in neo-natal when I was born, and my sister spent about 6 months there after she was born.

"The doctor would see the baby's head coming out through the birth canal, realize it had Down's Syndrome, and signal us to let it die. The mother's legs would be up so she couldn't see what was going on. We would get a little wave of the doctor's hand -- a signal to us not to use suction on the baby. Then they'd say to the mother, "we're just going to give you something to relax you," and the next minute, she'd be unconscious. When she came around, they'd say the baby had died on delivery."

Mary Arnold. "Some Doctors Feel They Have the Right to Kill Defective Children." Catholic Twin Circle, August 23, 1983, page 4.

So much for "choice".

"There is little evidence that termination of an infant's life in the first few months following extraction from the womb could be looked upon as murder ... It would seem to be more `inhumane' to kill an adult chimpanzee than a newborn baby, since the chimpanzee has greater mental awareness. Murder cannot logically apply to a life form with less mental awareness than a primate."

Winston L. Duke. "The New Biology." Reason, August 1972.

I have a great love of animals, but to compare the life of an animal to the life of a person in this way is just mind boggling.

"Infanticide is not a great wrong. I do not want to be construed as condemning women who, under certain circumstances, quietly put their infants to death."

`Bioethicist' Beverly Wildung Harrison, quoted in David H. Andrusko. "Abortion and Infanticide: Is There a Difference?" National Right to Life News, May 2, 1985, page 2.

What else is there to say? These quotes speak for themselves and these are but a few, the others are equally disturbing.

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