Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Priest Given a Ticket

Brooklyn priest is protesting a $115 parking ticket he got while tending to a dying hospital patient last month.

"If the sanctity of the law won't bend for the needs of a dying person, I feel really sad," the Rev. Cletus Forson of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Bay Ridge told the Daily News.

Forson got the ticket on July 26 when he parked in a no-standing zone in front of Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park.

He told the News in Tuesday's editions that he knew the spot was illegal but he didn't have time to look for a legal spot because he had just received a call from a parishioner desperate to find a priest to administer last rites to her mother. He placed his clergy parking permit on the dashboard and went in.

"I couldn't get any parking," Forson said. "It is my obligation to get there and administer to the needs of the sick." Forson appealed the ticket but Administrative Law Judge Michael Ciaravino refused to overturn it.

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Sad. If you watch the news report video that they have on the article page they found that lots of people were parking in the same spot that the Father did. One was with an EMT sticker (although they admitted that they weren't EMT), one was with MD plates, and one with handicapped plates.

I don't think the money is really the issues. $115 isn't that much money, its just sad that this sort of thing happened and that the city wouldn't give in.

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