Friday, August 25, 2006

Kenosha Abortion Clinic

Just an update from my post last night the W'04 sticker did indeed come off this morning.


Today we met a bunch of Pro-lifers in Kenosha for breakfast and then prayer in front of the abortion clinic. They're a wonderful and dedicated bunch, and we were even joined by a priest - a young one at that. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was the signs. They hold signs while they pray, and I'm not really a sign holder. I held two while I was there (I switched off part of the way through). The first sign was one that said

Birth Control

Danger! Danger!

Then I switched with one of the ladies for a sign that was the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It was an overall good experience. When we pray out in front of a clinic in Chicago most of the time people just stare at you when you go by, with an occasional person that flips you off or screams at you. Today there were a two (that I counted) thumbs down, but many more thumbs up and positive honks. It was good to see that.


EC Gefroh said...

Sounds like what we experience at our annual March for Life. Then we have the annual protesters who scream vile stuff at us.

I don't think I ever knew anyone personally who did this at an abortion clinic. Good for you!

catholicandgop said...

I always feel uncomfortable doing it, but I try to when I have a chance (and when I wake up early enough). Usually end up going a couple times a year.

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