Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I like to read news, and I like to read news from all over the world. I don't always have a chance to do so, but I try to follow what is going on elsewhere. At the very least there are a couple of countries that I try to keep up with just because I have written papers on them in the past and am interested in what is happening there. A couple of these are Sri Lanka, Liberia, and Colombia.

This past week though I've been reading about a couple of different countries. Indonesia for one. Certainly Indonesia was in the news not all that long ago for the horrific effects of the tsunami and the earthquake that caused it. Again this country is plagued by a natural disaster, an earthquake again. I've heard estimates of those killed to exceed 5,000.

Another country, not far from Indonesia, actually not long ago part of Indonesia has been in the news for the violence there. East Timor has been rocked by violence. 100,000 people in this young country are fleeing their homes during the violence.

Just reading about these two countries brings home once again how blessed I am to be an American. I do not say that as a put down to the people in other countries, or out of American exceptionalism. Simply put in my day to day life I do not have to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis, hoping to survive, hoping someone will send aid. I do not worry about going out into the street and being attacked by a mob, needing It is a blessing to live here.

That is not to say that there are not troubles in the U.S. Obviously, disaster can strike here, as hurricane Katrina has shown. And there are perhaps many more perils of the soul here than there are elsewhere. But life is easier here than anywhere else, life is safer here than anywhere else, and I should always be mindful of that.

With memorial day just a few days past I am reminded of those to whom I should be grateful for, those who have secured this safe and easy life for me.

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