Friday, November 21, 2008


I really dislike smoking so for me the bans on smoking in restaurants are a plus. But then the conservative part of me is conflicted because of the freedom to decide whether or not there is smoking in your establishment. So I'm sort of a strange person to talk about smoking about. Smoking in restaurants isn't allowed in Kenosha County unless you have a seperate room for it - which I really like. If you want to smoke you can, but those of us who don't like smoking don't have to breathe it. The imaginary smoking/non-smoking line in restaurants was always a joke anyway.

There was a recent failed push to ban smoking almost everywhere in Kenosha, but I believe that failed and has been put aside at the moment. There are some places where I expect smoking like bars - I thought it was stupid to ban smoking in bars.

Anyway I was at this store today where they sell gifts and cigars. I saw this poster, and although I have some mixed views on smoking I thought it was clever.
I took this on my new cellphone.


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steveroni said...

Well, I don't smoke...but I DID, for 32 years--stopped at age 42--so that was long ago. At age 10 my father found me smoking in a corn field--I thought I was safe. He was sightless, and so his 'smeller' worked better than most. He smelled the smoke from the distance of four football fields away.

LOVED the FDR and Chruchill Poster! Thanks a lot! Where do y'all FIND this stuff?

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